This is how your heating and air works

I just moved into a new apartment last month. I went from living in a dark, dingy, mold-filled basement with no windows to a beautiful townhouse with tons of windows and no mold to be inhaled. It was amazing and I was so happy to be out of that awful place. My new apartment has high ceilings, a community pool, hardwood floors and a brand new HVAC system. They check the filters every two months and there is a technician in-house incase anything goes awry with the system. I can control it from my cell phone and the air pumped through those vents is the most crisp, cold air I have ever experienced. One issue with this new HVAC system however, is that it is too good. I find myself not taking part in activities with my friends because I don’t want to step foot into the hot, humid air. Once I get home from work, I turn the air conditioning on to 65 degrees and I put on sweats and I don’t move. I watch hours and hours on Netflix and don’t go outside ever. It is the middle of summer and I feel as if I might regret it but I can’t bring myself to leave. None of my friends have air conditioning like this, so they wouldn’t understand. Sometimes, on Friday or Saturday nights, I turn the air conditioning down to 50 degrees and pretend like it is winter. My friend, Jess, is concerned about me because I never leave my home, but I think of it as getting the most bang for my buck. I don’t have to pay for Air Conditioning anymore so I am embracing it and loving every moment.  

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Upgrading to a bigger and better air conditioner

Do you ever just get sick and tired of things once in awhile? I have had the same job for over 20 years. I get sick of it every single day but for some reason, I just continue to work here and not look for other employment opportunities. I have also been living in the same town since I was born. I never was courageous enough to move far away to another town or even another state like many of my friends did. I sometimes have regrets about it but I feel like it is too late now. My home has potential but I guess I never really put any effort into decorating it. I am a male who lives on my own. I do not have a ton of style and sometimes wish I had a significant other to help me decorate the home. I decided I am going to do some upgrades inside my home since I was getting so sick of the boring space. I do not love my job but I have been saving up money from working for a while now and I have decided to put a lot of it towards upgrades inside of my home. I am going to upgrade everything from the decor to the appliances to the color of the paint on the walls. I want something sleek and sophisticated. I want to invite people over and when I do, I want them to be stunned by how amazing the place looks. The first thing I bought new was an A/C unit. My air conditioner was one of those window A/C units in my bedroom. I upgraded to an expensive air conditioning unit that will cool down my entire home in no time.

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Going to college

This year is my first year of college. It took me a while to figure out what major I wanted because I’m not familiar with all the options. My advisor suggested that I go into a trade for job security. I decided, after researching the market, to go into the HVAC program at the college I was accepted to. The HVAC business is a growing market because more and more people are learning about air filtration, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. All I ever knew about HVAC systems was that my family has central air and heating that breaks down almost every other year. As I was researching the topic, I learned a lot about HVAC companies and what exactly they do. There are a lot of jobs around my local area for HVAC business. We have an older community so plenty of houses are up for sale and need new heating and cooling systems installed or updated. Once I found this out, I was excited because I really am not ready to leave my family or friends in this area. I am excited to also start out this new HVAC program at my college because it is a hands on program that puts students right in the field without too many classroom sessions. For the majority of my classes, we go over HVAC basics and then spend the remainder of our credit hours in the shop with actual HVAC equipment. Most people in trades are hands on learners so I think that I’ll be okay in my classes with the help of my peers.

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Air conditioning from my childhood

When I was a kid, my family had the only house on the block with air conditioning.  All of my friends thought this was the greatest thing ever, and they always wanted to come over to my house.  My family cooled the house with two portable air conditioning units, and they are the reason that I hate air conditioning.  Those portable units were so big that it required four adults to install them.  They were each about the same size as a compact car, and probably weighed more than a full grown elephant.  They were also extremely loud, and when the air conditioner was running, we couldn’t hear the television.  Even with the television turned up to maximum volume, the air conditioner drowned it out.  There were two options for running the air conditioners.  They were either turned on, and running at full speed, or they were completely shut off.  The air blowing out of those units was so cold that standing in front of them could lead to frostbite.  My house was always so freezing cold that I’d bundle up in sweaters in July.  The one air conditioner was installed into my bedroom window every year on Memorial Day.  From that day on, I had to leave my bedroom door open.  I also had to keep a bucket under the air conditioner because it dripped so much water.  I never got a good night’s sleep in the summer, and I huddled under a heated blanket.  I realize that modern cooling systems are quite different than those ancient models, but I am still reluctant to install an air conditioner in my house.

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A lot of HVAC options

I travel to another town to go to work and it takes me almost forty minutes to get to work. I always leave at the last second possible for work. This is probably because I am a big procrastinator and I wait until the last minute to get work done all of the time. This makes it difficult to get to work sometimes because if I run across a situation that deters me at all, like construction work, then I’m almost guaranteed to be late and there have been a few occasions that I have been late. There are also a few different way for me to get to work and depending on the day, I will take an alternate route. One day I decided to take a way that I had never taken before to see that if it would be faster and so I could get to work on time more easily while leaving at the last second. On the way to work I noticed that there were some local companies that I passed and that two of them were HVAC companies that did repairs on HVAC units and worked with installation as well. I thought that it was interesting that they were located next to each other and it made me wonder if they were really competitive since they offered the same product and service. I think it is great that there are different HVAC options and there are different technicians to be able to choose from. This is great for the customer because when they need to upgrade, repair, or install and HVAC unit they have options and they can save money in the long run. Hopefully there is not too much bad blood between the two HVAC companies.

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New sinks in our gym

This past weekend has been extremely busy for me. I had to drive down south to pick up some gym flooring that my friend was getting rid of because I am opening up a gym. The gym that I’m opening up is basically like a mom and pop gym. It is not a franchise and does not have a brand name. It is a gym that I decided to develop and open up in my old auto body shop. There were a lot of renovations that needed to be done with it considering the fact that I used to work on cars in my gym. The renovations that needed to be done contained of me installing the used gym floor that I recently bought, painting the walls, and moving around the gym equipment to where I want it to be. I even had to redo my bathroom so it would meet up to code. When it came to redoing the bathroom I had to extend it out another three feet, build the walls back up and install more tile flooring. Not to mention I replaced my sink and toilet. For the sink I had to undo my hot and cold water piping lines, and then I had to unhook the drain line as well. For the toilet I had to unhook my water line in. Once I lifted the toilet out, the drain seal came up with my toilet. Once the toilet and sink were out of there I had to install my new toilet and sink which required hooking up new water lines and a drain pipe.

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Going outside for a few hours

I am used to it being hot outside, especially during the summer, but this summer in particular has been oppressively hot. The daily temperatures have been outrageous. Every day, it feels hotter outside than the temperature says it is. The other day, the weatherman said that it was ninety four degrees outside. Then, he said that although the thermometer read that it was ninety four degrees, it actually felt like it was one hundred and two degrees. He was absolutely correct. Aside from walking my dog a few times – and only for about three minutes – I did not even bother leaving my house that day. I normally keep the thermostat in my apartment set to seventy seven degrees during the day, only turning it down at night time to sleep more comfortably. That day, I turned it down to seventy two degrees when I woke up because the heat seemed to be seeping through the walls of my apartment. I closed all of the blinds to suppress the heat, but even that did not seem to work. I love spending time outside when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. I try to get outside for a few hours every single day because it puts me in a good mood. It was so hot that day, though, that I could not do it. Instead, I spent my time reading and watching television in the cool air conditioning. Being indoors all day ruined my mood a little because I prefer being outside, but I could not deal with the heat.

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