I forgot to adjust my air conditioning

I love to go on a nice lengthy vacation. I enjoy the drive out to the mountains in the summer and enjoy the crisp mountain weather. I enjoy driving down to the beach to spend time in the nice summer sun. It doesn’t really matter where by my trip takes me, I love vacation. I love the break from my normal routine and also the time to relax. I love getting far from home and the chores that at all times await me there. Vacation is actually wonderful. I also love the break of my utility bills when we have ended. The last vacation we took I did not have a decrease in my electric bill. I had forgotten to turn the air conditioner up. That means my air conditioner ran like normal all the three weeks we were on vacation. Not only did the AC run like normal it also was working extra hard because we left open the door going out on the garage. That meant it was subsequently cooling the entire garage, too. When we got home and I realized the entranceway from the house to the garage was open I ended up being so upset. The air conditioner has been doing extra work for weeks. This meant our electric expenses were higher than normal with the extra energy to run that AC. Thankfully, even working extra hard our A/C unit kept running and worked well. Our house was comfortable and cool, but I wished we owned a smart thermostat so I could have adjusted the temperature while we were on our break. Next time we leave for any trip I will remember to be sure all the doors inside and additionally out before we leave.

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These A/C systems are becoming a problem

We’ve had some crazy weather in the year of 2010. It has been a fairly hot and dry summer, through up the last week. The last week we have had torrential downpours regularly. The storm will pop up out of the blue and then it will rain for huge time spans. The storms are great for the dry grass and my backyard garden, but it has not been as nice with the leak in my roof, or even for my air conditioner. One night when it was subsequently pouring, I heard a great deal of clanking outside when the air conditioner started. I went outside to look around. A stick previously had somehow gotten caught inside my own air conditioner unit. My husband and I needed turn the air conditioner off and try to pry the stick out before it messed up all the inner workings of the HVAC system. We finally pried the biggest part out but there were still several small pieces that had made it down inside where we could not reach them. Those pieces were flung around where they were chopped up by the fan. When we turned the air conditioner back in it ran fine, once the branch was out. The HVAC unit is producing cold air now with does not make any more loud disturbances. Thankfully, we have a reserved visit with HVAC service technician soon. When the HVAC repairman arrives, I will let him understand what happened so he can test and make sure we did not have any damage that needs to be fixed. I am so glad our AC is working again.

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I want my A/C system back

When I live, the summer season is normally quite short, cool and usually rainy. This year, we started getting really hot temperatures in early April. By mid-May, it was subsequently super humid and my property was hot and sticky. I set up box fans in all my rooms, but they couldn’t relieve the discomfort. No one in my family could manage to sleep at nighttime and we were sweaty and miserable.  My kids started begging my husband and I to install air conditioning and invest in a swimming pool. There was no way we could afford to do both. We needed to choose between central air conditioning and an in-ground pool. I liked the idea of the swimming pool, because I could swim laps to lose weight, and have a lot of fun while using it with the kids. The pool, however, would need continual work and maintenance. We’d have to buy and add chemicals, consistently vacuum it and clean out the filter. The air conditioner would only require maintenance sometimes, and filter changes every month. While it would increase our monthly electric bill, it would help the air quality, health and comfort of the house. By lowering the temperature and additionally regulating the humidity level, there would be less chance of mold in addition to fewer bugs. My family would finally get a good night’s sleep and enjoy coming  home. Plus, we could use the air conditioner every day throughout the summer. The swimming pool would be utilized only on scorching, dry days. After a great deal of debate, we decided to have central air conditioning installed in our home.home comfort

Information on ductless A/C

Air conditioning is a household necessity when you live in a warm climate. A lot of homes cannot go without air conditioning in the summertime. So it is recommended to not only own air conditioning, but to have the right one for your home. Central air conditioning involves ductwork. Ductwork requires a lot of cleaning and maintenance. Window A/C units never cool an entire household leaving areas warm and humid. That is why ductless cooling options are more popular. There are ductless mini split air conditioners and ductless multi split air conditioning systems. What is the difference? The main difference is how many indoor air handlers you intend to have throughout the home. Inside of the home the air handler provides the air conditioned air. The outside component is the outdoor compressor. A ductless mini split air conditioner is usually one indoor air handler and one compressor. You can air condition your bedroom to your heart’s delight. It is straightforward to setup and maintain. Also cooling one area at home is not a big deal. Most homes cannot get by with just one air handler however. We want areas much like the kitchen and living room cooled as well.  That is why a ductless multi split system exists. You can have up to eight indoor air handlers in your residence. Each unit also comes with its own thermostat to control the temperature of a specific area of the home. You can cool multiple rooms in your residence to different temperatures with no HVAC air ducts. It is easy to keep clean and maintenance. Why aren’t all homes using this convenient modern HVAC option?

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A camping nightmare

When my kids were little, they were always begging my husband and I to take them camping.  Since neither my husband or I are fans of camping, we procrastinated for as long as possible.  One summer, we finally gave in and bought a bunch of camping gear.  We invested in a tent, some sleeping bags, and various accessories.  The kids were super excited.  We packed all of our gear into the car and hit the road.  We found a spot to set up our tent in the woods, near a stream, and we spent the day hiking and fishing.  We cooked dinner over an open fire, roasted marshmallows, and told ghost stories.  Everything was going great until we went to bed for the night.  We quickly found out that sleeping in a thin bag, on the hard ground, is not comfortable.  It was extremely hot and humid, and there were about a million mosquitos.  Then it started to rain really hard, and the tent leaked.  At about three in the morning, we hastily packed up all of the camping gear, crammed it in the car, and drove home.  It was such a relief to step into our temperature controlled home.  The air conditioner was barely making a sound, but it was maintaining perfectly cool conditions.  We spread our sleeping bags on the living room floor, and camped where we could enjoy the benefit of a working HVAC unit.  We also had the pleasure of running water, a refrigerator full of food, and a television.  I have decided that from now on, I will only camp if I have access to a thermostat.

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Using my air conditioner

Sleep is really important to me and if I don’t get it, I am mean. My girlfriend doesn’t seem to understand that nobody wants to be bothered at night. She loves to wake me up in the middle of the night. She thinks she hears somebody outside or she does not feel well. Neither issues I feel are worth me waking up. I only want to be woken up if the house is on fire or if I am about to be murdered. Other than that, let me sleep. My girlfriend also tosses and turns around in bed, which wakes me up. So as punishment, I now use my air conditioner. She hates being cold and really hates the air conditioner. I love my cooling system for the temperature control it provides and the noise. The air conditioner has not been serviced by a HVAC technician in about five years. It is dirty, old and it makes tons of noise. It basically sounds like it is crying and dying a slow death. I love how loud it is and how it annoys her. When she tosses and turns, I hardly notice anymore. I am so snuggled under the blankets that I do not feel her. She sometimes tries to get my attention, but the cooling unit is too loud. I sleep right through her talking. It might sound vicious but I like that it bothers her. She bothers me by waking me up. Now I have my own sort of revenge for my cooling unit. It irritates her and disrupts her sleep. I consider us both even.

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Air duct problems

Because we are college students, my roommates and I like to party. In fact, we like partying so much that we try to have at least a few drinks every night. Sometimes we all go to bed after the second beer. However, sometimes a few beers leads to a few dozen friends coming over for a giant party. We are crazy people and we like having a good time. Last week, we had a wild party. I think half of the students who go to our college were in attendance. If someone was looking to drink and dance last Saturday, they were definitely at our house. It was a fantastic night, but the next few days were bad. Not only were we hungover, but we were dealing with HVAC equipment problems. As we later found out, the air ducts that are visible in the basement were repeatedly punched or kicked. The air ducts were cracked in many places and partially blocked in others. It was a nightmare. Because our ductwork was mangled, the air conditioner was having a difficult time distributing air to the rest of the house. I think the temperature of our house was close to 85 or 90 degrees. We were forced to call an HVAC company in town since we did not want to get our landlord in town. We were so scared to tell him that we destroyed part of his house. While I enjoy partying with my fellow classmates, I think we will refrain from hosting these types of get-togethers for a little while.air conditioning products