Working on the air conditioner

My husband and I spent the month of August traveling a fair distance on the motorcycle. We started going to the east coast, drove to the Pacific Ocean, and then circled home again. It was super interesting to experience the changing landscape, from farmlands to mountains, to desert. For several days in our trip, the outside temperature was nearly a 80 degrees and it made a ride really uncomfortable. To comply with our itinerary, we needed to drive between two hundred fifty miles and more than 500 miles each day. Because in the heat, we could only try seventy miles before stopping for any break to cool off. We would step inside an air conditioned gas station, convenience store, and also diner. Once we spent several minutes in the cool temperatures offered by air conditioning, we were always prepared to hit the road again. In the final analysis of the day, when we found our hotel, my husband in addition to I were totally soaked with sweat. On those brutally scorching days, I was excited to kick back in our hotel and crank up the air conditioning. We’d get the room so cool by turning the air conditioner on the highest setting. Then we always crawl into bed and try to get a restful night of sleep to prepare us for the next time on the road. You shouldn’t take temperature control for granted, but riding the bike, we are totally dependent relating to the weather. We rode through pouring rain, gusting years, and blazing heat, and had an impressive time.

HVAC maintenance 

My air conditioner is broken!

One evening my spouse and I went out for a meeting. We went to the live theater. The play we saw was wonderful. It was a musical along with the music being awe-inspiring. The actors were brilliant. We were mesmerized by the play. It was a delightful date. We had dressed up nicely for the night at the theater. It was fun to get a fancy date. The one problem there had been on our date was as soon as intermission began we went in the lobby of the theater and unfortunately the air conditioner was no longer working. The air was stifling. Without any air conditioning the air was stuffy and there was nothing to move the stuffy oxygen around. We stood in line with the competition to use the restroom. There had been gift stands and snacks in the lobby as well, but no one was taking time looking at those. During intermission they came above the loudspeaker and announced that the AC was broken in the lobby and they apologized for any inconvenience but it would possibly not be fixed that day. The best thing about their own announcement was that the air conditioning in the other theater was still working as well as the show so would go on. After the necessary facilities everyone rushed into the air conditioned theater and returned to their seats. No one had snacks or souvenirs but we all enjoyed the cool theater. Following when play was over we all rushed through the lobby to the outdoors. The wind was blowing and that was a relief from the stuffy lobby. As we walked to the vehicle we saw the local HVAC service pulling around to work on the air conditioner. I heard from a friend the air conditioning system ended up being fixed before the show the other afternoon.

air conditioner service plan 

Why I returned to an ice cold room

3 years ago when I graduated my university, my friends and I thought I would enjoy skiing in the mountains. It was eventually supposed to be the best vacation we might even remember. It turned out to become full of stories. We took a three hour flight to this resort. During the flight, the heater has not been working properly, so the airplane felt just like a meat locker. People everywhere around me were complaining within the cold, chilly air. We weren’t terribly bothered once we were ready for snow anyways. When we arrived at this ski resort, we were shuttled to the rooms by an outdoor tram. The tram was also experiencing getting some sort of heater malfunction, because it was also very chilly. When we asked to have the heat turned up, we were met with anger and doubts. We still were determined not to ever be upset by chilly problems. When we arrived at some of our rooms, the heat was on full blast, and we were immediately warmed from the cold. It felt great to finally move the hat, and coat, together with gloves. We were warm all overnight. Sometime around five in the morning, we woke to be the first to ski on fresh powder. We didn’t come back to our rooms until nearly six at dusk. When we returned, we found the house in polar conditions. The heater had shut off certain times during the day, and everyone in the room felt as cold as snowing conditions. The glass of water that any of us left on the window ledge this morning, was a solid ice dice. Thankfully, maintenance had the heater fixed quickly, and we were comped an added night for the trouble.

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Not having air conditioning

My better half recently inherited a house when his Aunt Jan passed away. His aunt had no children of her very own and my husband was considered one of her favorite nephews. The house is another town over, and we have no intentions of moving; consequently, we decided to set it up as a rental. We used to visit my husband’s Aunt Jan every so often so, we knew what we were getting ourselves into. The first thing that we wanted to do was research air conditioning along with heating systems. Aunt Jan used a window air conditioning and heating machine in her bedroom. She had a fireplace in the living room that she hired a neighborhood teenager to supply the firewood for, and one old space heater that didn’t look safe. Other than that, Great Aunt Jan had no sufficient air conditioning or even heat in her old house. After much research, my husband and I chose to get a ductless mini-split air conditioning and heating product installed. It requires minimal maintenance which is gentler on the environment when compared to traditional HVAC systems. We will likewise never have to worry about cleaning ductwork or replacing leaky ductwork. Furthermore, they could not be seen as unattractive at all, and should match any decor our tenants might have. Our tenants should also appreciate period of time energy bills, as ductless mini-split systems demand less electricity than traditional forced air systems. It didn’t take the HVAC technician long to install it, which actually saved us money. After turning it on, we were impressed. The new ductless mini-split air conditioning and heating system was worth the money we invested.

mini split air conditioning 

I like to have options

I loathe to drive. It is not that I am a particularly bad driver. I just do not like all that comes with it, like car accidents, detours, poor weather, and wrong turns. I try to avoid driving at all costs, but this past week it really has been unavoidable. My best friend has made a decision to get married in the reams, which meant that it was several states off me and required many a lot of time of driving. Aside from not liking drive an automobile, I am terrified of heights. It was a bad blend. I spent hours spent turning around a mountain. It was a gray day and a little foggy, so the weather conditions made the drive even more complicated on the rough terrain. I could not see where the next curve was or if the hill went up or down, left or right. It has been nerve wracking. I did find myself lucky, though, because when I was halfway in the mountain, there was a big heating and cooling van in front of me. I was able to follow it closely enough to see the what was up ahead. It also got me thinking about how hard it would be to live up in that remote mountains. Everything was at the bottom of the mountain, including the supermarket and the gas station. If I had to venture a guess, the heating and cooling van in front of me probably was the only HVAC company on that mountain. I am sure they’ve got great business, even if they spend hours driving up a mountain to fix their customers’ HVAC systems.heating system fix

Getting annoyed by the heat

Right now, the area I live in is facing an extraordinarily bad drought, worse than we have had in over 100 years. We are about ten inches below our normal rainfall, so things are getting serious. My yard crunches when I walk on it and everyone is under a water advisory. We are trying to reserve what water there is. I am thankful that I do not need to rely on a well to get water to my home. Along with the drought, we have had more 90 degrees days this summer than I can ever remember. At the beginning of the summer, I eagerly planted many new flowers and shrubs. I am watering them just enough right now to keep them alive. There seems to be no relief in sight at this point. It is only the beginning of August and they continually forecast heat, but no rain. With all of this going on, I have begun considering making some changes in my home. I am unable to have central air conditioning since I live in an old farmhouse and it will not accommodate the ductwork. I am contacting the HVAC dealer to ask about having wall units installed. I have heard that they are reasonably priced and efficient. They also only require putting a two inch hole through to the outside of the house during installation. Also, because they do not have to push cold air through all of the ductwork, they cool-down a space in a timelier manner. I am anxious about my appointment and finding out more information. My plants are currently wilting from lack of rain, but I am wilting from the heat just like them.


Working on our air purifier

My two older brothers both played hockey we were growing up. Their bags smelled absolutely horrible after each practice, tournament and match. Right after a match, my brothers would take their bags inside our home office and open them up. They used the office for their bags. They would open up the bags to air out that sweat, ice and body odor smells. It made the office reek. In the summertime the bags would be left outside, but the winter trapped them in. If you shut the door of the office, anytime you went in, the smell was horrible. It got so bad at one point that my mother got air purification system for the room. The air purifier cleans out air. It takes the dirty DNA within the microorganisms and breaks it down. It cleaned the air and made it better to breathe in. It really helped out the room once the air purifier was installed in our HVAC system. The HVAC system in our particular home used ductwork to warm and cool every room. Often the smell from the office would seep through the air ducts and you might smell sweat in other bedrooms. The air purifier, after we got it, improved our indoor air quality to the point where that no longer happened. Now, don’t get me wrong, the hockey bags still stank. The room wasn’t exactly as fresh as a daisy. However, the smell no longer drifted inside the home and ruin our air quality. The office air was never ruined either.

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