HVAC at our indoor wedding

My boyfriend and I drove five hours to make it to the Fulbright’s wedding. He drove while I slept, but we finally made it safe and sound! I could not wait to see the bride’s dress, the beautiful cake and to dance with him on the dance floor. The ceremony was outside by the most beautiful pool and tall pillars made a long aisle for the bride to walk down. The reception was inside and round tables filled the space with hundred’s of guest. On top of the dinner plate was a fan with a lovely picture of the bride and groom. After about 10 minutes seated, I understood why the party favor was a hand-held fan. The room had no air conditioning and we were seated with jackets, dresses and long sleeved shirts on. The guy next to me kept talking about his HVAC business and how he wish he had brought his tools. His wife insisted he run home and bring back the work van. When he returned he did a walkthrough of the mansion and got the cooling system working. He had to repair the HVAC equipment, it had rusted and was no longer producing cold air. The HVAC technician was a friend of the groom and did not even ask permission to get the job done. The cooling equipment in the house was back operational and the guest were pleased with the sudden change in the evening. I could tell the difference and was filled with relief once the HVAC technician returned to his seat. The cake almost melted from the heat, but it did not hinder the taste.

indoor comfort 

HVAC inside the pharmacy

Last night was the longest night I could’ve ever imagined in the emergency room. As the head pharmacist I was glad I only had a few prescriptions for sinus infections  to fill. Overall it was a really slow night. The hospital I work in is over 100 years old and was probably built out of cement. Hospitals are usually always kept cold to kill germs but the cooling and heating system went out and it felt like it was below freezing. I tried drinking coffee and tea around the clock but I could not stop thinking about how cold it was or how miserable I felt. Another doctor emailed a written complaint to the Associate director. The associate director showed up the next day with 2 HVAC technicians who came to do a walkthrough of the building attempting to get the heat back on. Their diagnostic showed 3 furnaces that hadn’t worked in centuries and poor HVAC installation from the original build. The HVAC technician’s brought in boxes of HVAC equipment later that night and went to work on our heating system in the emergency room. Meanwhile patients loaded in the emergency room shivering and asking for blankets. Before the end of my shift I could feel heat blowing above my head. The HVAC installation was a success and the heating system was blowing out the hot air we desperately needed. The heating system warmed up the ER in about 20 minutes. The large space made up of mostly cement was finally comfortable. The HVAC technician was so professional, he even called the ER the next day to make sure we were satisfied with the service.


Working on the air conditioner

My mom lives only three hours south of me, but I do not see her that often. Between work and other obligations that seem to stack up every day, it is really difficult to leave for even a few days. Nevertheless, I had not seen her in a couple of months, so I decided to drive down and visit her last weekend. When I pulled into the driveway, I almost ran right into a big white van that was already there. I was surprised to find that it was from a heating and cooling company. My mom had not mentioned anything about having someone from an HVAC company coming out. Yet there she was, standing outside with her hands on her hips, watching intently as a man worked on the air conditioning unit outside. I got out of my car and went over to investigate. As soon as my mom saw me, she started telling me what happened. Apparently her air conditioning had not been working very well recently because it started blowing warm air instead of cool air. She said the house was so hot and she could not figure out what was wrong, so she called an HVAC company to help. They sent out one of their best HVAC technicians to see what was going on with her air conditioning and, after looking at the unit, informed my mom that the fan in her air conditioning unit was broken. Once the HVAC technician replaced it and tested the unit, her air conditioning was back on in no time.

air conditioner repair 

Always being really hot

The summers where I’m from are filled with graduation parties and bonfires and there’s not really much else to do. I’ve hosted bonfires almost every year through high school, and even college. I go to at least 5 a summer. They’re great for hanging out with friends and I’ve gotten to make a lot of other great friends through it too. Last bonfire I was at, my friends were reading some not so scary stories from a website and walking around the fire. The only thing I can’t stand is that it feels like you’re sitting in front of a gas furnace. The fire is so hot and the only thing you can do is move back. However, I feel like every time I move my chair away from the natural heater, the gas furnace dies down and I start getting cold. Also, the fire only heats one side of your body. You have to watch out for ashes flying in your face every few seconds when you put new wood on. I wouldn’t stop doing fires even though they’re basically gas furnaces, because it is such good social time for the barren town we live in. However, I never can get completely comfortable heating. I also have been a witness to friends whose homes are quite cold and they really rely on the fires for heating. You run inside, questioning if they have their air conditioning on, on your way to grabbing s’mores ingredients. I guess I should just bundle up in pants, long socks, and sweaters. My clothes will trap the outside gas-furnace-like temperatures and I should be fine.

air conditioning unit 

Geothermal HVAC equipment

As a student, I have been made better aware of how we humans are destroying the Earth, especially the effect our energy usage has had on the environment. I don’t have a lot of money to spare, but, our government understands that not everybody has extra money to spare to help our environment, which probably explains why tax deductions are offered to people who choose energy efficient appliances. Homes are rather cheap in my small rural town, and, when I purchase one, I hope to have the extra money to purchase environmentally friendly appliances, like the geothermal HVAC system. The temperature within the Earth stays fairly consistent, and the geothermal system uses the heat beneath the Earth’s surface to heat the home in winter, and returns the heat to the Earth in the summer when the system cools the home. A geothermal system is more expensive to purchase, but will save money in the long run. It uses less energy than traditional HVAC systems, lasts years longer, and requires minimal maintenance. It also leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than other traditional methods of heating and cooling a house. Since many of the houses in my small rural town don’t offer air conditioning outside of window units, purchasing a home here will give me the opportunity to do my part in helping the environment by purchasing a geothermal air conditioning and heating system.

programmable thermostat 

Cooling equipment is always a good choice

Yesterday was the day I set aside for very necessary yard work. The outside temperature was supposed to be in the high eighties to low nineties. Maybe in the shade! To my utter dismay, the temperatures were well in the nineties, in the shade. That’s our local meteorologist for you! Despite the heat, yesterday was the only day available in my schedule for yard work for another two weeks, and my landlord is a stickler for a well-kept yard, so, it had to be done. And, most of it did get done, despite the heat. I got the front yard mowed, then took a fifteen-minute break. Thank goodness I have an excellent air conditioning unit! Just mowing the front yard had me dripping with sweat. After my break, I mowed the backyard, then took another break in the a/c to cool off. Then, I trimmed the bushes in and the side of the house. Then I took a cooling off break again. Lastly, I weeded around my rose bushes. By this time, the temperature in the sun had reached the triple digits, the sun was beating relentlessly, and, despite sunblock, I had a nasty sunburn on my face and arms. I don’t think I have ever been so grateful to take a refreshing shower and just sit back and soak up the a/c. I’m intolerant to large periods of high temperatures, and, by the end of the day, I didn’t even want to see the sun! I don’t think any of the yard work would have gotten done if I didn’t have a decent air conditioner.

climate control products 

Renovating a home

My husband and I thought it would be great fun to buy an old, rundown house and renovate it ourselves.  We figured it would be a good project for us to work during the weekends.  Our goal was to purchase the house at a low price, and eventually sell it for a profit.  We planned to live in the house while working on it, which would save us from paying rent.  We found a house that suited our expectations, took out a loan from the bank, and moved in.  We quickly realized how difficult it is to live in a house that lacks the basic amenities.  We had hoped that our renovation project would involve drywall, paint, and cosmetic type upgrades.  Instead, we were tearing down walls and ceilings to expose the plumbing, electrical wires, and ductwork.  The wiring in the house was in such bad shape, we were afraid to turn on a light or plug anything in.  The water and drainage pipes were so corroded that we used as little water as possible.  The HVAC system was a total nightmare, and we basically had to go without heating and cooling.  When we tried to run the air conditioner, the whole house smelled like dirty pond water, and both my husband and I got sick.  We were too afraid of carbon monoxide poisoning to even attempt to operate the furnace.  We ended up calling an HVAC company to entirely replace both the air conditioner and furnace.  The HVAC technician also spent a great deal of time sealing and cleaning the duct system.temperature control