A camping nightmare

When my kids were little, they were always begging my husband and I to take them camping.  Since neither my husband or I are fans of camping, we procrastinated for as long as possible.  One summer, we finally gave in and bought a bunch of camping gear.  We invested in a tent, some sleeping bags, and various accessories.  The kids were super excited.  We packed all of our gear into the car and hit the road.  We found a spot to set up our tent in the woods, near a stream, and we spent the day hiking and fishing.  We cooked dinner over an open fire, roasted marshmallows, and told ghost stories.  Everything was going great until we went to bed for the night.  We quickly found out that sleeping in a thin bag, on the hard ground, is not comfortable.  It was extremely hot and humid, and there were about a million mosquitos.  Then it started to rain really hard, and the tent leaked.  At about three in the morning, we hastily packed up all of the camping gear, crammed it in the car, and drove home.  It was such a relief to step into our temperature controlled home.  The air conditioner was barely making a sound, but it was maintaining perfectly cool conditions.  We spread our sleeping bags on the living room floor, and camped where we could enjoy the benefit of a working HVAC unit.  We also had the pleasure of running water, a refrigerator full of food, and a television.  I have decided that from now on, I will only camp if I have access to a thermostat.

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Using my air conditioner

Sleep is really important to me and if I don’t get it, I am mean. My girlfriend doesn’t seem to understand that nobody wants to be bothered at night. She loves to wake me up in the middle of the night. She thinks she hears somebody outside or she does not feel well. Neither issues I feel are worth me waking up. I only want to be woken up if the house is on fire or if I am about to be murdered. Other than that, let me sleep. My girlfriend also tosses and turns around in bed, which wakes me up. So as punishment, I now use my air conditioner. She hates being cold and really hates the air conditioner. I love my cooling system for the temperature control it provides and the noise. The air conditioner has not been serviced by a HVAC technician in about five years. It is dirty, old and it makes tons of noise. It basically sounds like it is crying and dying a slow death. I love how loud it is and how it annoys her. When she tosses and turns, I hardly notice anymore. I am so snuggled under the blankets that I do not feel her. She sometimes tries to get my attention, but the cooling unit is too loud. I sleep right through her talking. It might sound vicious but I like that it bothers her. She bothers me by waking me up. Now I have my own sort of revenge for my cooling unit. It irritates her and disrupts her sleep. I consider us both even.

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Air duct problems

Because we are college students, my roommates and I like to party. In fact, we like partying so much that we try to have at least a few drinks every night. Sometimes we all go to bed after the second beer. However, sometimes a few beers leads to a few dozen friends coming over for a giant party. We are crazy people and we like having a good time. Last week, we had a wild party. I think half of the students who go to our college were in attendance. If someone was looking to drink and dance last Saturday, they were definitely at our house. It was a fantastic night, but the next few days were bad. Not only were we hungover, but we were dealing with HVAC equipment problems. As we later found out, the air ducts that are visible in the basement were repeatedly punched or kicked. The air ducts were cracked in many places and partially blocked in others. It was a nightmare. Because our ductwork was mangled, the air conditioner was having a difficult time distributing air to the rest of the house. I think the temperature of our house was close to 85 or 90 degrees. We were forced to call an HVAC company in town since we did not want to get our landlord in town. We were so scared to tell him that we destroyed part of his house. While I enjoy partying with my fellow classmates, I think we will refrain from hosting these types of get-togethers for a little while.air conditioning products

Installing a smart thermostat

People are so into their phones nowadays. You can barely make it through a conversation with someone. They are always on their phone and they cannot stop thinking about it. Especially with all of these new apps people come out with. The one awesome part about having a phone is that it will help you with your home. What I mean by this is that you can control your thermostat right from your phone. As long as you have wireless internet on your phone you can do this. Install a smart thermostat into your home. Get rid of the old thermostat and in with a new smart thermostat. Now, you can control the thermostat right from your phone. If you are at work and want your house a certain temperature, go ahead and change it. If you are halfway across the world and want a different temperature in your house, go ahead and change it. With this new technology the possibilities are endless for maintaining your house at a comfortable temperature. They are making HVAC systems easier to control. You never have to get up off of your couch as long as your smart phone is in your hand. If you have not already, contact a local HVAC business today. They will help you get started on installing a brand new smart thermostat for your home. It could change your life completely and could save you a ton of money on heating and cooling costs. It may sound expensive but an HVAC professional is always there to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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My last job interview

I just graduated from college and have been job hunting like crazy. I have dropped my resume off to several different businesses. I have not had a steady full time job in a long time, since I have had to balance my college classes and my part time jobs. Usually I would waitress or work as a bartender and make pretty good money. I am looking for a full time position that will hopefully have benefits and a retirement plan. Since I am no longer in school I am no longer covered by my parents insurance and I need to start planning for my future with a retirement package so that I won’t need to work until I am one hundred years old. I dropped my resume off at a local home heating and cooling company. They are looking for a secretary and I think I could handle the job. I went to school for business management so perhaps that will help me to move up in the company. I was called in for an interview and decided that I needed to do some research on different HVAC units and the terminology of the business. I have an HVAC unit in my own house so I am pretty familiar with how it works. It did not take me to long to brush up on the vocabulary and the new technology. Maybe if I get the job I will be able to upgrade my old unit to a new smart thermostat at a discounted rate or maybe even for free, I’ll try not to get my hopes up and just cross my fingers that I will get the job.

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My school field trip

Every school year the performing arts department plans a field trip into the city to see a musical. There is always an incredible attendance from the students and a handful of parents volunteer to chaperone. This year my name was drawn as a teacher chaperone and I was very excited to be able to attend the trip. I have gone in the past but unless my name is drawn from the teacher pool, I would have to use a personal or sick day. When your name is drawn from the teacher pool it is considered a work day. We leave early in the morning, before normal school hours and get back well after dinner time. The school gets a charter bus for the trip and it is always full. I have learned from the past to bring a sweater because the bus trips are usually a bit chilly. Inside the theater it is never the same temperature, some years it has been very warm and some years it is freezing. This year it was unbearably warm. I can not imagine  what it is like for those that are actually performing, they must be terribly uncomfortable. I hope that at least their dressing rooms are air conditioned. Many of the students complained about how hot it was during the performance and they would fan themselves with the play book. I think that the theater must have a broken thermostat or something. That would be the only logical explanation for why the building is so hot.

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Agreeing on some heated floors

My husband and I are having a house built. It is the first time either of us will be living in a brand new house and we are really excited now that the building has begun. There are so many decisions to make, though, and I am finding it very stressful. We have to make decisions about what type of cabinets we want. And what type of lighting, and countertops and doors. The list goes on and on. One of the hardest decisions we had to make was what type of flooring we wanted throughout the house. We both wanted hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms but we couldn’t agree on what type of tile we wanted for the kitchen. One thing we both knew for sure though, was that we wanted heated floors in the kitchen and bathrooms. My grandmother used to have heated floors in her house and we both loved them. In the middle of winter, it was so nice to have warm floors, rather than cold tile. It really helped to keep the entire area warm and my husband liked the idea that I wouldn’t be jumping into bed with cold feet each night. I have to say that I’m thankful we at least agree on heated floors. Now if only we could agree on the tile and the lighting. The stress is getting to me. I can’t wait for all these decisions to be made and I sure hope that it all looks great when the house is finally finished.

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